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1.Write a one-paragraph summary of “Salvation.”

2.Write a one-paragraph summary of “Goin’ Fishing” from the DALN.

3.Write a one-paragraph summary of a personal literacy event.

Answer the following questions about Emily Vallowe’s “Write or Wrong Identity” in complete sentences.

  1. Based on Vallowe’s example, create a list of what you identify as the genre conventions of a literacy narrative.
  2. How would you describe the tone of this essay? Be specific by citing text evidence.
  3. If you had to identify Vallowe’s descriptive thesis, what sentence would you pick?
  4. Is there any figurative language? Where?
  5. Pick one highly apt phrase or well-written sentence and explain why you picked it.
  6. What purpose does the embedded narrative about Chicago serve?
  7. What can you say about how the concept of identity affects a person based on Vallowe’s literacy essay?
  8. In your own words, summarize how reading and writing has shaped Emily Vallowe’s sense of herself.

    1.Write a one-paragraph response to “Salvation.”

    2.Write a one-paragraph response to “Goin’ Fishing.”

    3.Write a one-paragraph response to your own summary

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