Analyze thevalidity and reliabilityof each method in regards to the job your organization is offering.

Assignment 2: Staffing Organizations-Part 2 Worksheet Due Week 10 and worth 280 points In order to complete this assignment, refer to the scenario that you chose in Assignment 1.

Note: You may create and / or make all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of these assignments. Use this outline to take your notes or to paste relevant points/facts from your references. Be sure to add the appropriate citation if you make notes from any outside source. Conduct your research of the main topics (see bold type below) and extract key topics, ideas, facts to support the development of your plan. Place your notes below each section and include the citation with each note. Finally, arrange your notes in a logical, supporting order. When you have completed your research, you can simply use your notes to write out your plan. Whenever you use information from your notes, you will already have the appropriate citation available. Rather than copying and pasting, use the main concepts of your research and then paraphrase those concepts in your own words.

Using the scenario from Assignment 1, write a six to seven (6-7) page paper in which you:

1. Identify three (3) job requirements (e.g., needed certifications, previous work experience, external influences, etc.) that could apply to your chosen scenario. (Examine the job openings in your business scenario; then identify at least 3 key job requirements related to these openings. Briefly discuss why you identified these requirements.)

A. Determine two (2) ways these requirements could impact staffing at your organization. (Briefly discuss two ways the job requirements identified above will effect your staffing plan.)

B. Next, suggest one (1) strategy that you could utilize to ensure that all applicants meet the identified job requirements for your organization. (How will you ensure applicants have the job requirements? Can you measure applicant knowledge? Will you require them to demonstrate skills? Are their applicable certifications or degrees?)

C. Justify your response.

2. Outline a long-term recruitment plan that contains at least four (4) components, is aligned with your company’s recruitment strategy, but also addresses possible job skill or credential shortages. Note :Consider concepts such as succession planning and hiring retirees. Consider your emphasis on internal vs. external recruiting, job posting, and individual development initiatives.

3. Describe three (3) branding strategies that you would employ to attract qualified applicants to your organization.

A. Next, suggest three (3) communication methods that you would utilize to reach out to applicants. (Note: review your openings and compare these to the requirements you identified; next, consider the most effective way to reach potential applicants most likely to possess these requirements. Explain how each method will be most effective at meeting your needs.)

B. Predict the outcome of integrating your branding strategies and communication methods at your organization. Provide a rationale for your response.

4. Determine two (2) selection processes for recruiting new employees that could apply to your chosen scenario and then:

A. Identify five (5) selection criteria that you could use when hiring new employees.

B. Next, analyze the effect of the five (5) identified selection criteria on long-term employee retention and preservation of organizational knowledge.

C. Justify your response.

5. Suggest two (2) assessment methods that you could employ to select new employees for your organization and then:

A. Analyze the validity and reliability of each method in regards to the job your organization is offering.

B. Next, identify four (4) job predictors that you believe can assess candidates’ knowledge, skills, abilities, and other skills and experiences (KSAO’s).

C. Provide support for your rationale.

Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. (one of these can be our text; any listed references must be cited within your plan where information from each reference was used. List each reference you located here in APA format: References should be written IAW APA; first line is flush left, second and subsequent lines are indented .5” (a hanging indent setting), double-spaced, all black font – not a hyperlink but the URL; refer to APA 6th ed. To remove the hyperlink, right click on the link, then select the “Remove Hyperlink” option.

General rules for references: Author’s last name, First initial. (date or n.d.). Title. Publication data if applicable. Retrieval data if electronic – publication data if in hard copy.


Heneman, H., Judge, T., & Kammeyer-Mueller, J. (2015). Staffing organizations. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill.

When citing a reference, generally list the author’s last name only, and date of publication. If no author is given, list the first word or two and the date. If no date is given, substitute n.d., for no date. Ex. (Jones, 2012) or (Jones, n.d.).

If there are two authors, always list both last names in the citation. If there are 3-6 authors, list the last name of all in the initial citation, then in subsequent citations of that reference, list the last name of the first author and et al., to represent the others.

Ex. (Heneman, Judge, & Kammeyer-Mueller, 2015) 1st citation of the reference.

Ex. (Heneman et al., 2015). Subsequent citations of the same reference.

Remember, if the citation is at the end of the sentence, the punctuation follows the citation.

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