“Barn Burning” a Story by William Faulkner

The problem of black slavery described in the story Barn Burning by William Faulkner demonstrates the most significant moments of historical development of the country. Moreover, this novel reminds me another famous story The adventures of Huckleberry Finn written by Mark Twain. The conflict between father and son emphasizes the importance of justice and honesty. The boy, Sarty, has to decide what is right: to tell people that his father burns barns or to keep silence and support father. I think that the story Barn Burning by William Faulkner is a great example that teaches people to be proud of who they are, to respect their family and to follow the truth no matter how difficult it can be to realize what the truth is.

As it was mentioned before, this story reminds me The adventures of Huckleberry Finn written by Mark Twain. Both authors describe the reality of the social conflict within the American citizens. Although the plots of the stories are different, both of them provide the picture of black slaves who are treated by people in such terrible way. As the characters of Mark Twain want to improve their life and to change it, the heroes of William Faulkner want to prove that all people are equal and justice is the same for all of them. Abner believes that, burning barns, he can show people what is right.

The relationship between Sarty and Abner seems complicated due to the doubtful position of the boy. Abner expects that his son will completely support him, because, for Abner, family is the most valuable part of life. However, the boy cannot easily decide what is right. On the one hand, he respects his father, but, nevertheless, he does not agree that, burning barns, his father threats those people fairly, as he really wants. As for me, I support Abner not only because I do claim that family is always should be respected, this idea is obvious. I support him because I do not see other option for this man to prove his position and to convince people to behave fairly with each other. From the lessons on history, I remember that, during the centuries, the black slaves in the US were living in such complicated conditions without any rights and voices.

I wonder why the author describes Sarty as a boy who is embarrassed of his father. It is noticed in the episode at the beginning of the story when the boy goes to one way while his father goes to another (Faulkner 349). As for me, it is better to try to understand people and especially the members of one’s family. I totally dislike the idea that the son could betray his father. The author wanted to emphasize that the justice should always win. However, as for me, in this situation, it is difficult to claim what is right. In that period, it was easy to judge a black slave; however, people did not think that the idea of slavery is unfair from its beginning.

Analyzing the story Barn Burning by William Faulkner, it is possible to conclude that the author wanted to describe the complicated relationship between father and son on the background of the social problems, slavery and unfair treatment of people. I do not like the idea that a son can be embarrassed of his father and can betray him. However, I think that this story is a great example that teaches the readers to think deeper, making a choice between the family and justice.

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