Children’s theatre

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Reflect on your own experience with theatre in school if that helps. Did it help you in even a small way?

1.Read the following articles:

a. https://stagewise.ie/performing-arts-helps-young-people-blossom/

b. https://www.aate.com/benefits-of-theatre-ed

2.Research 1 additional article or video that discusss the benefits/value of theatre in our schools/tied to our curriculum.

3.View the videos below (they aren’t very long, but you should watch them in their entirety).

    1. Magic Moments: The Transformative Power of Theater |Mary Lechter | TEDxGeorgeMasonU https://youtu.be/tKEjZC8o2qA

b.Mrs. Anderson’s Middle School Theatre Students on Why Theatre is Important to them. Not only is the reasoning provided by the students in this video critical, but their participation in this project and how they are in the video is also very telling about the benefits of children’s theatre in education.

4.Write Your Appeal-Keeping in mind the above information, and after doing the readings and viewings, imagine that you work as a K-8 theatre education teacher at our local public school. You just found out from our Superintendent that to cut costs they are planning to eliminate the position of theatre teacher, and therefore they are removing theatre from the curriculum. They seem to think that theatre is just a “fun” class” with superficial value and believe that if students really want to participate in theatre they can easily do so outside of school through a local theatre or private lessons. Using what you learned this week, compose an appeal notice to your Superintendent making a case for keeping theatre in our schools by discussing the many benefits.

FORMAT & CITATION REQUIREMENTS-It should be in the format of a formal letter and should be 2 pages in length (longer is fine) 1.5 spaced. You must discuss a minimum of 10 values/benefits to allowing kids to learn theatre in our schools and cite all of the sources in text and in a works cited or bibliography page.

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