Climate Change and Global Warming

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Global warming is one of the interesting topics under discussion globally. According to the Oracle Think Quest, global warming is an occurrence in which the earth is gradually heating up. The Oracle Think Quest goes on to state that global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse consists in the fact that gases such as carbon dioxide trap energy from the sun. As a result, the earth’s atmosphere behaves like a closed system and heats up because heat gained by the earth is more than the heat lost to the universe.

Additionally, global warming has impacted the earth in many ways. However, the main effect of this phenomenon is the loss of species and their habitats (Shah). Global warming is, therefore, one of the serious threats to the earth’s planet. This essay provides an insight into the causes and effects of global warming.


Global warming is a subject that has elicited a heated debate for a long time. This debate is commonplace among scholars and policy makers. Consequently, there are people who support the connection between it and the greenhouse effect while others do not. Advocates of the green house effect argue that the increase in average global temperature is a strong indication that there is more heat entering the earth than leaving it.

They maintain that heat from the sun is only able to get in to the earth’s atmosphere but cannot leave it since greenhouse gases trap this heat. For that reason, the earth resembles a closed system. Man is increasing the amount of greenhouse gases at a worrying rate being the concern because too much of these gases will make the earth warmer.

A summary of the causes of global warming

Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, among others gases. These gases result from the burning of fossil fuels. They are mainly by products of combustion originating from motor vehicles and industries. The developed world is the major producer of these destructive gases. In addition, deforestation also results in the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere because there are few trees left to soak up excess carbon dioxide. As a result, carbon dioxide accumulates in the atmosphere causing the greenhouse effect (Vishal).

A summary of the effects of global warming

Furthermore, the effects of the warmer temperatures on life are devastating. For instance, the earth is experiencing a rise in sea level, stronger storms, melting ice caps and changes in climatic conditions (Vishal). Consequently, habitats, for most species, have either been lost or modified.

A number of species have also been lost while some are on the verge of extinction. It is now very difficult for ecosystems to naturally adapt to their surroundings (Shah). This also means that seasons have changed. Consequently, some parts of the world may experience droughts or too much rain. Accordingly, less food will be harvested. Subsequently, there will be hunger and suffering in these parts.


In conclusion, there is overwhelming evidence that the earth is becoming warmer. Additional, there is a consensus among most scientists that this phenomenon is real and human induced (Shah). Furthermore, the main cause of global warming is the greenhouse effect caused by gases resulting from burning of fossil fuels. Moreover, the effects of global warming are too vivid to ignore. It is now upon humans to decide on the next step towards curbing this phenomenon.

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