Computer crimes

Computer crimes have become significantly high in the modern times. Respect to the regulations and legislations that govern use and technical standards of access control systems should be held paramount. It hence follows that whether one is in business, trade or community and has a plan to install access control systems in their premises, they should make sure to comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

One of these regulations is HIPAA. The root cause of this law is the digitization of health records through the invention of electronic health records technology. It is important to underscore the fact that integration of health data into technology was aimed at enhancing information sharing to optimize decision making and privacy (Palfrey, 2017). It hence follows that HIPAA law is a health specific regulation that applies to sensitive health data that requires all those facilities including healthcare organizations and insurance companies dealing with patients’ data have their facility access control, media, workstation and devices to be HIPAA compliant.

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