computer forensics 3

Criminal Justice (computer forensics 3 )

The following pertains to items located in the Course Resource Folder: Paragraph 1030(a)(3) condemns unauthorized intrusion (“hacking”) into federal government computers whether they are used exclusively by the government or the federal government shares access with others. The punishment for this federal infraction may include: Imprisonment for not more than one year (not more than 10 years for repeat offenders) and/or a fine under Title 18 (the higher of $100,000 for misdemeanors/$250,000 for felonies or twice the amount of the loss or gain associated with the offense.

Task for Response: Per the breakdown of this statute’s elements, paragraph (a)(3) makes it unlawful for anyone who commits this crime:

• without authorization

• intentionally

• either – accesses a government computer maintained exclusively for the use of the federal government, or accesses a government computer used, at least in part, by or for the federal government and the access affects use by or for the federal government.

CREATE and/or PROVIDE an example of this statute where someone has committed this violation, and use detail. Discuss, don’t cut and paste, as credit will be deducted….

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