Computer Science

Big Project


choose a project that would use knowledge and skills to address actual needs in their communities or brings awareness to a meaningful cause.

• Awareness project • Community service project • Non-profit organization project

– Build a website with dreamweaver and interface it with a database msaccess.

must follow phases;

Phase 1 (project planning) will consist of developing the requirements for the application that you would like built. During Phase 1, you will work on developing the System Request, Feasibility Study, and project schedule using either Gantt or Pert charts. You will also create a company and provide a background for the company.

Phase II (project analysis) will consist of all the Detailed Requirement Determinations. Here you will provide a detailed problem statement and explain precisely what the application requires and how it should function. Identify the process the application is capturing through Use Cases. Develop a Process and Data Model for the project.

Phase III (project design) in this phase you will develop the user interface. You will also develop your data flow diagrams and data storage models.

Lastly, Phase IV (project implementation) You will actually be making a functional application that you’ve planned, analyzed, designed and implemented.

Here is a list of documentation that you’ll most likely need (at a minimum), plan accordingly:

1. System Request

2. Feasibility Study

3. Project Plan

4. Risk Assessment

5. System Proposal

6. Requirements Definition

7. Use Cases

8. Process Model

9. Data Model

10. Acquisition Strategy

11. Architectural Design (network diagrams)

12. Hardware/Software Specifications

13. Interface Design

14. Data Dictionary

15. Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

16. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

17. Schedule (Gannt Charts)

18. Data Flow Diagrams

19. The project presentation (PowerPoint)

20. The project itself, i.e. database, scripts, etc.

-must provide a weekly report.

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