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Analysis of covariance

DATE SET Thursday Week 7

DATE AND TIME TO HAND IN Thursday Week 9 at 15.00 RETURN DATE Friday Week 10 ASSIGNMENT VALUE 25 % SET BY EK CHECKED BY AN Aims To help assimilate material presented in the lectures by providing appropriate exercises. Learning outcomes: To improve understanding of the material by working individually at problems based on the material. Assessment criteria: 1. Accuracy of answers. 2. Understanding of subject displayed. 3. Clarity of explanations of working. 4. Quality of reporting. As always credit is given for a persuasive argument. Description of assignment: Solution of problems related to material in lectures. 1. Present solutions to all problems. 2. Giving full working that demonstrates the steps required to obtain the correct solution and the important principles used. 3. The logic of the solution is important1
Handing in procedure: Please submit your piece of coursework in the following way: 1. Attach this coursework assignment sheet to your piece of coursework. 2. Obtain a UEA Faculty of Science Booking-in Form from the coursework box area (Level 2,outside the Advanced Graphics and Haptics Laboratory, room S2.28) and ll it in. Attach the white top copy to your piece of coursework, and take the yellow copy away as your receipt. 3. Post your piece of coursework in the appropriate lilac coursework box in the course- work box area. 4. Any piece of coursework which is submitted late also needs a UEA Faculty of Science Booking-in Form attached to it. However, the Booking-in Form also needs to be stamped by a member of stain the CMP/MTH General Oce (Room S2.45) using the time stamping machine. You will be given the yellow copy as your receipt and your coursework will be passed on for marking by the oce sta. If you have any questions try my oce, S2.03 or contact me at e.kulinskaya@uea.ac.uk .

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