Concepts of caring and links with nursing practice (Explain)

Due Date: 1st April, by 11.55pm AEDST
Weighting: Marked out of 80 and weighted at 39%
Word Limit: 1250 words (+/- 10%)
Submission: Submit online via the assignment link on study desk (see Assessment tab)
Marking Criteria: Will be provided
Key Concepts in the Course Related to the Assignment
• Person-centred care
• Evidence-based practice
• Standards of practice
• Caring
• Nursing process
Formatting Requirements:
• Include a header (student name and number), insert page numbers
• Use a plain serif (e.g. Times New Roman) or sans serif (e.g. Arial) font. A serif font is easier to read. Suggested size is Font size 12
• Double line spacing (throughout the body of the assignment and reference list)
• Indent all paragraphs 1.3 cm to the right
• Leave 1 blank line between paragraphs
• Word document (typed)
• Provide a full reference list at the end of the assignment beginning on a separate page. Minimum references required are your course text book, Jean Watson’s Caring Science, NMBA standards, + 2 Journal articles. Also reference your image.
• The reference list does not form part of the assignment word count. In-text references and headings do form part of the overall word count.
• No need to attach a marking guide
Nursing is often described as the art of both science and caring. In this course, we introduce you to a framework of caring. This framework can be used as a mindful process to consider the care of others and that of yourself. To provide high quality care, nurses need to practice within professional standards and ensure that their care is based upon quality evidence. On commencement of your nursing education, it is essential that you consider the role of caring in forming the basis for providing fundamental nursing care. Your nursing education will help you to develop an understanding of caring from a professional context and help you to develop the skills and behaviours considered crucial in providing quality, evidence-based, and patient-centred care.
Related Course Objectives:
1. Identify and demonstrate a knowledge of person centred care as they apply to basic nursing skills.
2. Enact professional behaviours and communication skills in accordance with standards of practice.
Parts of this Assignment
1. A personal story of caring – (Describe)
2. Concepts of caring and links with nursing practice (Explain)
3. New understandings of caring based on the course content (Articulate)

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