Conduct a search for Hotel Property Management Systems

Hotel Property Management Systems Recommendation

You have taken the role of the new front desk manager of the hotel you selected in Week 1.

The GM wants to replace the current manual hotel operations system with an automated Property Mangement System (PMS).

Conduct a search for Hotel Property Management Systems and select two.

The chart below contains the requirements for the property management system.

Complete the rest of the chart with the specific information about the new property management systems you have selected in a total of 525 words.

Features PMSRequirements PMS 1: PMS 2:
Front Desk Operations Automates the check-in and checkout process and allows staff to make changes to reservations. Secure system, enabling immediate modifications.
Booking and Reservations Management Manages reservations from hotel’s website, travel websites, corporate clients, airlines, walk-ins, bookings from online travel agents, and traditional agents. Distinguishes between the different sources and updates records for future reference.
Billing and Payments Accommodates multiple payment methods per reservation including cash, credit cards, check, and online payment gateways. Ability to post adjustments, advance deposits, split receipts, extra charges, settlements, folio printing, and taxes. Staff is able to check and modify tasks related to billing and payment at any time according to changing requirements.
Housekeeping Real time information highlights the status of rooms and provides ability to delegate chores to the housekeeping staff as well as inventory management for cleaning supplies and linens.
Reports Night audit and departmental reports capabilities.
3rd Party Interfaces Integration with third party hardware and software. PABX, Door Lock, ID scanners, cash drawers, payment gateways, and financial accounting software.

Write a 175-word recommendation to your GM after completing the comparison of the two property management systems.

Include a brief analysis of each PMS, along with support for your selection.

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