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1. Scholars agree that Western interference has helped to shape Iranian political life before, during, and after the revolution. Share your thoughts on the following questions:

  • Has Western influence been good for a country like Iran?
  • Should the West try to have more influence, such as on Iran’s (and other countries’) nuclear power program and their politics? Why or why not?
  • In your post, you should also assess whether any foreign country should have influence on U.S. policies.

2.Explain how the policing subculture can promote police misconduct. What can be done to prevent such misconduct and/or change such a culture?


1.CARA: Every place of employment has what we call a “subculture.” These can be both a great support group but also very exclusive. For a police sub-culture, it tends to form into a very tight knit family in a sense. They spend all of their time backing up their partners in dangerous situations that the general public do not have to willingly get entangled with. The team work and understanding between officers is crucial, but can also cause some conflict when an officer does something that is not moral or legal. An officer that witnesses the misconduct may be neglectant to come forward with what they saw for fear of backlash, not by just the suspected officer, but also the entire division. A zero tolerance policy should be in place and it needs to be stressed by upper management to the officers that with holding that type of information is not good the department. It also needs to be stressed that any form of retaliation towards an officer who comes forward will meet consequences.

Response 2 david

I believe that Western influence is all about freedom and in my opinion freedom is a good thing. The rigged Iranian election of 2009 was met with the largest protests in years (Hauss, 2019). This shows that many people in Iran are longing for democracy, which is a staple of Western culture. Democracy is good for any country as long as it is not riddled with corruption. I can understand how some Iranians may reject Western influence, as they see it as an attack on their religious values. In other words, everyone does not agree with the way the West operates, and to each their own.

In regards to nuclear power, I believe that the nations with the most influence (U.S., China, Russia) should look to deter unstable governments from obtaining these weapons. In a perfect world no one would have nuclear weapons, but even though the world is not perfect we should still seek to maintain order. Should China and the United States be influenced by foreign nations? Yes, but only to a certain extent. We should consider the views of other nations before entering into war or dealing with such problems as global warming and human trafficking. However, we should still always act in the best interest of humanity, even if it means we have to ruffle some feathers along the way.

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