ENG110 Unit 2: Informative Essay Rough Draft and Peer Review

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Length: 3 FULL double-spaced pages-approx. 750 words, plus a References page with three reference entries.


For this project you will be learning how to do some basic work for an APA Reference Page. This is a simple first step to learn how to give credit for other’s words, and will lead to the goal of being proficient in APA Documentation and Research, an important and desirable skill for academic and on the job work. The next step, word for word quotes, will be covered in the final project.

Once you have chosen a topic, research three websites (not Wikipedia) to collect information to help write the paper. Use the Reference Entry for a Web Page Guide to create a complete reference entry for each website on your reference page.

Using your own knowledge of the topic and what you learned from your three (3) online sources, compose a three (3) page paper with a references page. You will be graded on the following categories: Introduction, Details, Conclusion, Structure, Grammar and Mechanics, Document Format, and References Page (see rubric below).

Click to access types of papers with specific details of each type.

Note: You need to consult and list three (3) references or sources; you must cite them properly. There is no in-text documentation required for this essay (We will start learning how to do that in Unit 4); do not copy and paste any content from your sources or elsewhere. If you do, make sure there is a good reason; in this special case, you must quote any passages taken directly from the source. Use APA format.

Submission: Please submit your completed rough draft to this unit’s peer review discussion. You will submit the revised, final version of this essay in unit 3.

Format (Use this as a checklist):

  • Place your essay’s original title, your name, and the university’s name on the title page
  • Put the page number in top right-hand corner
  • Make sure all margins are set at 1 inch all the way around
  • Double space the entire essay
  • Do not insert extra spaces between paragraphs
  • Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font
  • Indent the start of every paragraph 1 tab

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