Genetically Modified Organisms and Their Benefits

These are plants and animals that are created by scientists through combining genes from other animals or plants. The combination of genes from different species creates a special species that does not occur naturally. Scientists believe that the use of GMOs as they are commonly referred to, is the way forward for governments and other organizations that are concerned with food security issues (Nelson 58). Scientists believe that GMOs can feed everyone in the world. However, this can only be achieved if governments embrace the use of this new technology to create genetically modified foods.

Recent research has shown that the use of GMOs can lead to increased food production (Freedman 18). Using this technology, scientists have been able to create plants that are resistant to pests, weeds and other diseases that farmers have been complaining about over the years. Farmers are able to avoid the use of herbicides and pesticides. Food produced using this technology is highly nutritional and is believed to have better texture than the naturally grown food. GMOs also have a longer lifespan and do not go bad as quickly as the naturally grown food.

Through this technology, scientists have been able to genetically engineer plants that can be used as vaccines to immunize people against various diseases (Nelson 37). There has been increased need to come up with plants which can grow in deserts and other areas having conditions that are not suitable for germination of plants. It is important to note that through this new technology, scientists have been able to come up with plants that can withstand adverse weather and soil conditions.

The benefits associated with the use of GMOs cannot be overlooked at this time and age where people are dying of hunger. Through increased food production, we can be able to feed the ever human population and also be able to eliminate the food security issue that has been persistent over the years (Nelson 74). The use of GMOs allows farmers to effectively use their land while also saving a lot of money since most GMOs are resistant to most pests and diseases. The number of malnourished people has been on the rise. This is due to the fact that people consume foods that have low nutritional value.

GMOs have high nutritional value and will help eliminate the issue of malnutrition. GMOs have a longer life span allowing farmers to export their produce without worrying about their produce going bad as its being shipped to foreign countries (Freedman 45). The use of GMOs finally allows modifications in plants that will lead to technological advancements such as edible vaccines and plants that can be able to withstand adverse weather and soil conditions.

People should be educated on the above benefits of using GMOs. Governments should also allow the use of GMOs by putting in place proper legislation. One of the millennium development goals states that, governments should take necessary measures to eliminate hunger and malnutrition. This can only be done through encouraging the use of GMOs since they are capable of producing large yields which are highly nutritious. After looking at the benefits associated with the use of GMOs, I believe that the time to embrace this new technology is now. Scientists have done a lot of research and have proved that genetically modified foods have little or no effect on human beings.


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