Health Care Strategies of the St. Joseph’s Hospital


Medical practitioners understand well the idea of strategy development. Within the Health care institutions, this is since it contributes to individual’s as well as community’s health. Implementation of right strategies assists in increasing the medical attention to communities. However, poor strategies often results into poor services which at times causes harm to both the Community and the health care employees (Long 38-41).

Analysis of the Organization’s Five Strategic Initiatives and Recommendations

Launching of the Hospital’s Wide Cost Containment Program

This strategy will largely involve prevention priority initiatives. It aims at helping the population from all over the region, to upgrade their health status through adoption of the serious medical initiatives that the St. Joseph’s Hospital Champions for, especially in the field of preventing emerging diseases.

This aims at reducing the overall increase in Obesity within the area as well as preventing the use of drugs by teenagers and who are still in school. This strategy also aims at preventing prevalent mortality rate amongst the population (Long 38-41).

Develop a New Perinatal Center

This will increase the rate of access to HealthCare Priority. This strategy aims at ensuring that all community members have access to medical care at affordable costs. This will be done by offering some quality medical options like the implementation of wireless temperature monitoring gadget that would enhance safety for all staff including patients.

This would also ensure that important information about health care is relayed appropriately to all community members. Performing this strategy will ensure reduction in infant mortality rate by ensuring that parents give priority to their children’s medical examinations.

Besides preventing and reducing death rate, the initiative would also ensure reduction in underweight infants. The other crucial issue to be addressed by this strategy is lowering the cases of sexually transmitted diseases in women as well as other pulmonary diseases (Ros 1-7).

Expansion of Hospital’s Ambulatory Care Presence in the Secondary Services

This will improve the nature of Disaster Preparedness towards the community since it would be given Priority. Application of this strategy aims at equipping the community and preparing them against any disaster in the field of public health. This strategy would enhance excellent coordination of medical system’s abilities within St. Joseph to organize for appropriate responses in protecting public health.

This will cover the need in improving the communication system used between the community and St. Joseph Hospital. This will ensure that all the cases pertaining to reports on public health responses are maintained. It would also assist in increasing the rate of immunization performed on young children, two years old and below (Ros 1-7).

Implementation of a Medical Staff Development Plan

The plan would ensure that the organizational Excellence is granted priority since this strategy touches also on the management issues. For growth to be realized at St. Joseph, some dimensions and components within the organization require strengthening. This will ensure that the Hospital effectiveness and efficiency is felt across the community within its reach. This could be enhanced through recruitment of qualified and experienced workforce willing to be accountable for every process within the organization.

This strategy aims at helping in the reduction of un-employment state by recruiting qualified medical personnel within the community. It will ensure that majority of customer responses is positive towards the Hospital and even improve the ranking of the Hospital within the region owing to its improved quality and effective services (Ros 1-7).

The strategy of becoming one amongst magnet Hospitals within the region

All these priorities could be supported on condition that St. Joseph agrees to work in partnership with the surrounding community and the health care department. The Hospital should ensure that it forms and sponsors specific community groups specifically concerned with Health care matters.

This would also help in closing the disparity that exists within healthcare on the grounds of discrimination and economic ability of health care recipients. The promotion should encompass individual homes, learning institutions social centers within the area of St. Joseph’s reach (Barney 99-120).

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