I need someone to. answer a short ethic question and a case .

I need support with this Law question so I can learn better.

around 4 sentences for the “Ethics Question” and around 4. sentences for the “Case Study”

Ethics Question:

1. A physician assistant in a medical practice with several physicians contacts his professional association, the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA), to report that one of his employing physicians often recommends chiropractic treatment for patients with persistent back pain issues that have resisted medical solutions. The PA knows it is legal to refer a patient for chiropractic treatments, but he adamantly opposes the practice, considering it “bogus medicine.” The physician declines to discuss the matter.

a. In your opinion, how might the situation be resolved?

b. Is it ethical for the PA to continue working for the physician when their opinions differ so widely on this issue?

Case Study:

2. A physician admitted an elderly patient to the hospital, where she was treated for an irregular heartbeat and chest pain. The patient was competent to make her own decisions about a course of treatment, but her opinionated and outspoken daughter repeatedly second-guessed the physician’s recommendations with medical information she had obtained from the Internet.

a. In your opinion, what responsibilities, if any, does a physician or other health care practitioner have toward difficult family members or other third parties who interfere with a patient’s medical care?

b. What might the physician in this situation have said to her patient’s daughter to help resolve the situation?

***After you send your response, I will send you two other students’ responses and I want you the reply to them.

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