Legislative Issues in Georgia

This paper is aimed at examining the central questions that are viewed as the top priority by the governmental officials in Georgia. The upcoming legal acts are related to such aspects as economic development of this state, the work of police, and regulations of various narcotic substances. It is necessary to discuss the impact of these laws on various stakeholders who often have conflicting interests.

Currently, several issues are examined by the legislators in Georgia. In particular, they debate the necessity to reduce or even eliminate income taxes (Jones, 2015). This idea has long been supported by the Republicans. In turn, the Democrats are skeptical of this proposal. The advocates of this policy argue that it can make many people more self-sufficient. Furthermore, this bill can boost the development of various small enterprises.

Nevertheless, this policy is criticized by John Deal, who currently serves as the Governor of Georgia. In his view, the government may not attract the investors who hold the bonds issued by the state (Jones, 2015). So, in this case, policy-makers have to reconcile two conflicting priorities. At first, they should focus on the needs of citizens. Nevertheless, they must consider the duties that they owe to institutional investors. Overall, this legislation can have profound implications for the economic development of Georgia.

There are other important issues discussed by the legislators in Georgia. In particular, they focus on the laws related to the work of law enforcement agencies. In particular, they consider the bill according to which police officers are expected to wear a body camera (The Government of Georgia, 2015). To a large degree, this legislation is supposed to increase the accountability of police officers. This argument is relevant to those situations when they have to use force.

Much attention should be paid to those cases when the suspects were shot dead. It is not possible to investigate such incidents, and one cannot determine if the representatives of law enforcement agencies acted within the limits of their authority. It is one of the tasks that are essential for increasing people’s trust in the efficiency and impartiality of police. Nevertheless, many officers may resist this monitoring of their work. This discussion is helpful for analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of this law.

Finally, one should consider the discussion related to the legalization of cannabis oil (The Government of Georgia, 2015). The advantages and disadvantages of this legislation have long been debated by medical workers, educators, and policy-makers. The new policy can remove many bureaucratic barriers faced by people who require cannabis for medical purposes (The Government of Georgia, 2015).

Nevertheless, this bill can considerably increase the accessibility of this drug. So, it can pose potential threats to the development of many people, especially adolescents. It is one of the risks that should not be overlooked. This threat is of great concern to educators and parents.

Overall, this discussion indicates that the legislators are supposed to reconcile the interests of different stakeholders such as corporate investors and the owners of small enterprises. They also need to respond to various crises that highlight the inefficiencies in the work of governmental institutions. However, one should also remember that policy-makers are strongly affected by their party affiliations. This factor can profoundly influence their decisions and attitudes towards various legal acts. The laws discussed in this paper can profoundly impact many social groups.

Reference List

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