Literature Review Assignment

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You will select three (3) scholarly empirical articles from an authentic source (professional journals) related to the development of children and adolescents. After, selecting the articles, you will read them twice and provide a summary and critique of all 3 articles (approximately 6 pages including a covering page and reference page). The articles must be recent, published in the last 10 years.

The additional information is given in separate folder called Finding Research Articles, Guidelines for Writing a Good Literature Review, and Sample Literature Review. These folders contain information about where to look for authentic empirical/or research- based articles, the proper format, a complete page by page lay- out of the review.

You research review will include a cover page, an abstract, an introduction that will identify your topic, thesis statement, purpose, significance of research and relevance of topic. You will lay a ground work for the direction of your report, including how the results of the study will benefit the population at large.

In the main body of your review, you will include a summary and critique for the first article, then the second and third article. You will discuss and assess the research according to specific organizational principles including, sample included, methodology used, research outcome, analysis and synthesis for each summary. In critique section you will evaluate the article, mention the strengths and weaknesses of the study, whether there were any flaws in the research methodology/design? Was the sample adequate, was the study reliable and valid? You will also suggest how this study can be improved.

In summary section, you will provide a summary of findings, supported with data evidence; in conclusions section, you will briefly include all the pertinent parts of studies and findings, whether the studies confirmed/refuted the hypotheses, application of findings, your evaluation of the study, and give 3 suggestions for future research. The format of your paper should be consistent with APA manual.

Please read all the information before beginning your assignment. Once you complete your paper, proof read it for grammar, punctuation, and quality of writing style before you submit it.

Please view this tutorial ‘How to Avoid Plagiarism’ in writing assignments.


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