“Love & Lust” by Virtinia Rutter

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The article written by Virtinia Rutter (2014) is aimed at examining the sexual life of married couples. The author challenges the popular assumption according to which married people have less sex than non-married ones. Furthermore, the writer focuses on the factors that affect the sexual relations between individuals after their marriage.

For instance, it is possible to speak about child care and house chores that allegedly diminish the sexual desires of married couple. Apart from that the author examines such a problem as adversarial relations between partners because it can deprive partners of intimacy. These are the main details that can be distinguished.


Virtinia Rutter (2014) does not carry out an separate empirical study; instead, she relies on the findings derived by other scholars. This article incorporates that data that could be collected with the help of such methods as survey and interviews.


The findings presented by the writer indicate that the allegations about decreasing sexuality of married couples are often not supported by current research. Additionally, the writer mentions that house work does not necessarily inhibit sexual life.

In fact, the findings of researchers show that household chores do not affect people’s satisfaction with their sexual life. Furthermore, according to this article, the changing gender roles do not affect sexual relations of people. In particular, the increasing employment of women does change the sexuality of couples. These are the main details that can be distinguished.


The discussion provided by the author suggests that the sexuality of married couples merits more attention of researchers because many of the stereotypes about this issue are not supported by empirical findings. Furthermore, it is important to identify the factors that do impair the sexual life of married couples.

Brief Summary of all articles

The articles published in this issue are related to several topics. For instance, the authors focus on the inability of many parents to understand the motives and reasoning of their children. In many cases, they can misjudge their behavior. Additionally, this issue contains includes articles showing how people can respond to trauma and shock. In many cases, they can become resilient to stress, at least in the long term.

Furthermore, there are articles that are related to the sexuality of married people who have already become parents. In particular, the findings indicate that many women are less likely to experience sexual satisfaction after childbirth.

Furthermore, some of the sources throw light on the relationship between sexuality and aggression. Apart from that, the scholars refer to the relationship between homicidal maniacs and their victims. This is one of the paradoxes that puzzle many psychologists.

Moreover, this issue incorporates the articles examining how people’s self-perceptions and attitude evolve as they grow older. Very often, they can become less self-centered. Furthermore, the authors speak about the way in which individuals act when they need to make excuses. Moreover, some of the articles included in this issue can throw light on the experiences of families consisting of people who represent different cultures.

Additionally, there are articles related to a wide range of topics such as the impact of information technologies on intimate relations and dating, mathematical education, the importance of positive attitudes, the influence of weather on the performance of employees, and other questions. Apart from that, the issue contains the articles about prominent celebrities; for instance, one can mention Richard Linklater and Hilary Clinton. These are some of the main details that can be distinguished.


Rutter, V. (2014). . Psychology Today. Web.

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