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  • This essay is a cumulative exam. It is your job to know all the elements of the rhetorical situation and the major appeals from Modules 1-3 and apply them in your analysis. Therefore, a rubric will not be provided in advance. You are allowed to consult the curriculum as many times as you like when writing your essay.
  • Your essay MUST be on topic!
  • Be sure to get your teacher’s approval of the text quickly so that you have plenty of time to analyze and write!
  • Include a clear thesis statement
  • Invent an arrangement/organizational strategy that best showcases your findings and analysis
  • Length: 4-6 pages, double-spaced, size 12 font (not including the Works Cited)
  • MLA formatting
  • Parenthetical Citations and Works Cited—the MLA guide in Purdue has strategies for citing unusual sources. Hint, hint!
  • Mandatory Minimum Requirement for a D: attribution of all materials. See syllabus for grading policy details. To sum up: plagiarism results in a zero (0).
  • You’ve probably noticed that the world around you is full of rhetorical situations, textual objects and communicative acts. In this 4-6-page essay you will choose and analyze a text that makes an argument about gender. Look for a text that has interesting rhetorical features and eloquently makes a claim about how Americans construct gender identity. In other words, pick an excellent example of rhetoric that uses all three of the major appeals and is free of logical fallacies. You can pick from argumentative genres such as, but not limited to, editorials, polemic speeches, political cartoons, videos (5 minutes or less) published or broadcast within the last five years. You could also choose a monument or other publicly displayed object that has been installed for longer than five years if it is currently viewable to the public

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