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After analyzing and discussing the role of self-representation in our media in the form of the “selfie” and exploring the way “frames trump facts” (Harris and Carbado 527), we have a better understanding of the way the “media [is] both author and reader of events in ways that both challeng[e] and underwr[i]te” misconceptions about race, gender, culture, religion, disability, socio-economic status, and identity (531). Chimamanda Adichie also reinforces this view in her TED Talk, “The Danger of a Single Story,” expressing that when there is a limited view of a person or a people, through a single story that is repeated over and over, this can diminish identity and can take away dignity. In fact, all three authors contend that our rights in society may be reduced due to assumptions made and the stereotypes created. But Adichie also promises a return of “paradise” when a wide range of stories is shared. After reading the emotional narrative essays about the writers’ diverse experiences and their attempts to reclaim their true identity in the face of stereotypes, you are now prepared to consider the question: What story is being told about you? This assignment asks you to think about an aspect of your identity that is often depicted in the media. Your goal is to inform readers about the way media representations can either 1) create and perpetuate stereotypes, stereotypes that can make it more difficult to see the inherent dignity and humanity of individuals, or 2) re-educate and enlighten people, offering a clearer or more authentic depiction, even correcting stereotypes and positively capturing your identity.

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