SEE – ASSIGNMENT, Please follow instruction for this assignment.

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The writing style choices 1) Adjectives, 2) Story, 3) Outline, 4) Compare & Contrast, 5) Design Analysis, and 6) Poetry help give your mind focus when approaching unconventional works of art in this SEE section. Implementing a writing style can help postpone what might be an early bias, judgment, or opinion about a work of art because it doesn’t fit standard definitions. Remember, the works of art in SEE are Way Out There! They don’t fit traditional categories for drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture. These works are a new medium, expanding into new media and often existing only on the world wide web.

(Use the Template provided. The following information is requested for each chapter choice)

(CHAPTER #) from the this list of five chapters in this module, which are:

What is Art? Who Makes Art?
Essential Elements of Art
Principles of Design
Techniques, Materials, and Form
The History of Art


(SITE / ARTIST / SPONSOR) Use the hyperlinked name of the online website to which you are linked in each chapter.

(WRITING STYLE of your choice)

Do not repeat writing styles, experiment with five out of the six.

Here is the example if you use the adjective style:

ADJECTIVES: colorful, expressive, delicate, droopy, huge, brilliant, disbelieving

(Curator’s Title, CREATIVE TITLE here)
“My Walk in a Website of Color”

Writing About Art

After exploring the links choose ONE of the course Writing Styles.
A reminder- you are required to experiment with a DIFFERENT WRITING STYLE for each written sample you turn in in the SEE module.

If the minimum requirements of LABELING your written sample are not met, the rubric for grading will not apply. It is assumed you will compose each writing sample in your word editor such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, then copy and paste them, one by one, into the assignment area.

FLASH, Shockwave, Quicktime or Windows Media Player are minimum technical standards for viewing. If one of the links on the right doesn’t open for you, just move on to another in the list because you only choose one to write about The Elements and Principles of Art.

Please watch each video link below and answer the question using the attached template.

1. What is Art? Who Makes Art?


2. Essential Elements of Art


3. Design & Everyday Life


4. Techniques, Materials, and Form


5. History of Art


**REMEMBER: You must choose 1 (one) artwork from each of the 5 (five) SEE chapters in this module. You must write about each work using a different writing style.

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