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With the world becoming one global village courtesy of the radical revolution in information technology, people are virtually exploring all corners of the world within minutes. Facebook, the second largest social networking after MySpace, is one of the forces behind this drastic revolution.

One just needs to create an account containing a profile, request others to become his/her friends and start enjoying social networking instantly without limits of space and time. Facebook is a good social networking site for it allows its users to connect with friends, learn new cultures and share and/or solve some health-related issues..

Facebook and communication

Facebook ameliorates social well-being of those separated from family members or friends by physical distance. In most cases, circumstances like career force people to travel long distances leaving their loved ones behind causing social breakdown due to absence of frequent communication. However, Facebook surpassed this social impediment by creating means of communication. For instance, soldiers working in countries far from home can easily link up with their families every evening via Facebook.

Moreover, one can reconnect with long lost friends like one’s schoolmates and know how they are doing with their lives. The best thing with Facebook is that, time and space cannot limit anyone from communicating with his/her people.

With the incorporation of chatting system in Facebook, people communicate directly just like via telephones. In most cases, friends use Facebook to update each other on almost all occurrences that happen in one’s life. Without social networking sites like Facebook, communicating with friends and relatives separated physically would be insurmountable; therefore, Facebook as a social networking means is good.

Facebook and Health

In society there are people suffering from dysfunctional syndromes like autism. Such people feel isolated because in most cases, the society does not understand them. By joining Facebook, these people can meet friends who suffer from the same condition thus gaining a sense of belonging. There is the option of creating groups in Facebook and by creating a group; say for autistic people, Facebook users suffering from this condition can join the group and share experiences.

Moreover, introverts can get a way of sharing their views without having to face anyone, for introverts shrink from physical social interactions. Importantly, through Facebook people can create awareness of outbreak of a disease.

For instance, information concerning Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) can reach virtually all the corners of the world within minutes. In the light of these observations, Facebook makes the world a better place to live concerning health related issues and this underscores the goodness of Facebook as a social networking site.

Facebook and Culture

As aforementioned, the drastic revolution in information technology witnessed in the recent past has converted the world into one big global village. People from different cultures meet and interact via Facebook and they might share enlightening information concerning their cultures. People from Calcutta, India can share their cultural experiences with people from Washington DC, in the United States of America.

Therefore, people can learn about what happens on the other side of the world and have virtual experience through sharing pertinent issues in a particular culture. How else would a person in Madrid in Spain, ever interact with a person in Mombasa in Kenya without the presence of sites like Facebook? The probability of such an encounter happening would almost be nil, were it not for sites like Facebook, now this probability is almost one, thanks to Facebook.


Facebook has redefined online social networking by bringing revolution in this upcoming trend in society. People can link up from anywhere in the world regardless of time and place. Facebook is a good social networking site for it allows its users to connect with friends, learn new cultures and share and/or solve some health-related issues.

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