Teaching Strategies and Classroom Management

Table of Contents

Observed teaching strategies

Teachers in grade 3 and 5 apply almost similar teaching strategies to assist their learners. To be successful, educators use more than a single strategy as this enables various kinds of learners to grasp the content. The observed teaching strategies in grade 3 and 5 included; demonstration, collaboration, hands on and the traditional lecture. Demonstration assisted learners in understanding the lesson content. This was achieved through computer demonstrations and experiments. In traditional lecturing, the instructor assumed the part of a professional and gave facts to learners. Learners noted down the useful information provided to them. Another observed teaching strategy was collaboration, where educators developed an activity encouraging learners to unite in groups. This strategy was important in determining weak points for learners. Learners then participated in group discussions where they talked about their opinions and answers.

Observed classroom management techniques

Classroom management techniques can be described as approaches used in organizing and directing the classroom business to create a conducive learning environment. During the classroom visits, there were three major classroom management techniques. There are; the self-control technique, the instructional technique, and the desist method. The self-control technique was based on the perception that learners were able to evaluate and adopt suitable conduct in the classrooms. Therefore, educators showed the dispositions of sincerity, dependence, respect, compassion, and acceptance towards learners so as to create and develop sustainable teacher-student relations. Instructional technique was grounded on the idea that sound planning and implementation of instructions helps in preventing classroom chaos.

Educators who used this management technique prevented most disorders in their classrooms by engaging learners in high-interest programs aimed at meeting their needs, wants and capabilities. Therefore, learners were enthused to attend lessons, positively took part in classroom activities, and controlled their own conducts. Desist technique was also common in several classrooms visited. This was where educators took full control and power over what happened in their classrooms. Therefore, the teacher had the entire obligation for regulating classroom conducts. The educator created, developed and implemented certain set of rules for controlling the conducts of learners in the classrooms. For instance, a learner could be punished for misconduct in the classroom. The most common classroom rules included; raising of hands to get teacher attention, following teacher directions, and the use of appropriate language.

Lesson development

Lesson development involves a comprehensive description of the lessons for a class. Everyday lesson development plans are prepared by educators to provide guideline instructions. Observations made during class visits showed that the details of lesson development differed based on educator preference, subject taught, and the needs or the interest of learners. A properly developed lesson reflected the wants and the interests of learners and integrated the best approaches of learning in the field of teaching. Lesson development connected with the educator’s perceptions of teaching.

Classroom atmosphere: routines, transitions

The atmosphere of classroom covers a wide range of learning concepts, comprising of the physical environment, the psychological setting formed by social contexts, and several educational elements associated with the personality of the teacher and his or her conducts. Some of the observed classroom atmosphere features included; teacher giving instructions to learners, learners asking questions related to the course content and taking of assignments issued by their teachers. In addition, learners adopted a disciplined approach towards their teacher and followed his or her instructions.

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