The Concept of ‘Responsibility’

The concept of ‘responsibility’

The peculiarities of the modern world’s development make people often think about the idea of responsibility because they should be responsible for each their step and every word. I agree that the concept of ‘responsibility’ can be discussed as one of the major elements which form the real personality who is aware of his or her role within society.

The notion of responsibility can be analyzed from many sides, and the key aspects are the phenomenon of responsibility in the everyday life as a practice and responsibility as the ethical category which is associated with the ideas of many philosophers. Immanuel Kant’s vision of the person’s responsibility with the dependence on duties and obligations became a real discovery for me, and it changed my vision of the meaning of responsibility in my life.

Although every person is responsible for his or her actions and their consequences, there are universal laws and rules according to which it is possible to assess the nature of the actions, and in this case, the idea of responsibility obtains not only personal but also universal meaning.

To be a responsible human being

We can consider a person as being responsible when this man analyzes his actions, can predict their effects and impact on his and the other people’s life, can concentrate on solving the problem and making decisions, can admit his mistakes without references to the other people’s opinion.

To be responsible means to feel responsibility for every aspect of the life without paying attention to its significance because it is almost impossible to predict the consequences of all the actions, but it is possible to focus on doing all the activities conscientiously. I agree with the vision of the responsible person as a mature individual who is able to act decisively, and who is not afraid of making mistakes because he or she can overcome all the difficulties.

Each person’s life is full of different responsibilities which can be related to the family, education, job, and personal relations. I feel responsible for living my life according to my plans and according to the universally accepted laws of morality. Thus, I am responsible for everyday duties connected with my study and work because these obligations are related to my social life, and I am responsible for making good for the members of my family because my family is the sense of my life.

Responsibility and morality

I prefer to accentuate the fact that I am responsible for every action which is significant for me, but I cannot clearly determine the aspects for which people can be irresponsible because our society is a chain, and all our actions are connected by their causes and consequences.

That is why I extend my understanding of responsibility within the context of the social issues which are dependent on the responsible attitude and actions of everyone. Immanuel Kant’s idea about the categorical imperative is related to the people’s responsibility for their actions, and it makes them feel the results of their negative thoughts. It is important to consider all the actions seriously, and I always try to think about the moral and practical effect of my actions on the other people.

It is also important to note that the concept of ‘responsibility’ is closely associated with the philosophical and ethical vision of the notion of ‘truth’. Thus, to be responsible can mean to be truthful in evaluating your own and the other people’s actions from the point of their impacts.

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