Urban and Rural Communities: Life Differences

Table of Contents


Information about urban and rural communities includes dressing style, food habits, and culture. Urban residents prefer to wear loose clothes such as shirts and dresses while rural residents like to wear warm clothing such as jackets and gumboots. Urban residents also like to put on sandals while the rural residents like wear to closed shoes. With regards to food, urban residents like packed foods while rural communities prefer eating cooked foods.

Communities interact with each other by travelling from one place to another, for example, the people from the urban areas can travel to the rural areas to meet those who live in rural areas. During the interaction, environmental features present in a given environment enable human beings to meet their needs, for example touring the environment enables people to discover new things such as unique plants and other natural resources.

Knowledge and Understanding

In rural areas land is mainly used for agricultural purposes such as plantation of crops and rearing of animals. Land in rural areas is also used for housing and recreational purposes such as field trips. In urban areas, land is used for commercial housing, building industries, and stores. There are no farming practices in the urban areas since land is inadequate. Rural areas also have a lot of natural resources than urban communities due to low level of industrial production in the rural areas.

Transportation in urban communities is more complex than in rural areas. Urban communities have access to many modes of transport which may include air, road, and sea. However, in rural communities only one mode of transport may be available. The number of vehicles in rural communities is less than the number of vehicles in urban communities where every family owns a car.

Urban communities have higher population densities than rural communities. Urban communities have access to quality resources than rural communities who cannot access basic resources such as quality health care and employment opportunities. The birth rate in urban communities is also higher than the birth rate in rural communities.

The buildings in urban communities are very complex, bigger in size and densely spaced due to inadequate land supply. The buildings in urban communities have more facilities than the ones in rural communities.

Plan of Action

Whitevale community in Canada is located next to Rouge Park which is surrounded by wetlands, forests, and meadows. The community is located in a very cold region. The people in the community are mainly farmers. The transportation network in whitevale is still undeveloped since most people rely on road transport. The people of the community are very friendly unlike urban community where most people do not care about others. Finally, life in Whitevale is very nice due to the fact that the place is located in a serene environment.

Evidence of Learning

From the Hillside trip, I have learnt that life in rural communities is different from life in urban communities. Rural communities have attractive natural environments that are free from any form of pollution. Rural areas are endowed with a variety of natural resources such as game parks, forests, wetlands, rivers, and streams. On the other hand, life in urban communities is very complicated due to many problems associated with environmental pollution and high cases of crime.

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