Write a 2 page paper double space MLA about EDM instructions below

I’m trying to learn for my Art & Design class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Just make something up where you heard EDM music around just to note its needs to be where i heard so som backround is that i’m a student at USC who is going through pledging a fraternity. so i would here around parties maybe in the car also do relevant EDM music or house like fisher.

Question: Over the course of the next few days, take note of when and where you encounter electronic music or EDM. This can mean dance music that you are listening to purposefully (this can be on your headphones, at home, exercise, or at a club/party), as well as electronic music you hear on the TV, background music at a restaurant/cafe, random people playing EDM in your dorms, etc. Describe 3 examples in which you encountered music, telling us where/when/what kind of music it was. Do you notice anything significant about how you encounter EDM? Is there a specific context where you enjoy EDM the most?

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